Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pennsylvania residents purchase fireworks?

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. You are probably aware that a new PA fireworks law took effect on October 30, 2017. At the outset, let me say that it has brought welcome, reasonable, and long-awaited change. My intention here is not to give you the many details of the new law. ( For all the details Google PA Fireworks Law, Act 43 of 2017 ) Rather, let me boil the new law down to the most essential points that directly affect you in your purchase of consumer fireworks. The first point and the cornerstone, of the new law, is that Pennsylvania residents are no longer required to secure a township permit in order to buy aerials or firecrackers. Thankfully, everything is legal for everyone! A second point, and one less publicized, is that consumer fireworks can now be legally discharged in Pennsylvania. There are several regulations governing their discharge with the two most prominent as follows: First, the individual is to be at least 18 years of age. And secondly, any discharge on public or private property must be done with the express permission of the property owner.

Can I purchase fireworks by the case?

North of the Border Fireworks did have a Case-Lots program in the past. However, with supply chain issues occurring since the beginning of the pandemic, we have had to put a halt on that program indefinitely. If and when things ever settle back to normal, we may revisit the possibility of selling select items by the case.

Do you have M80s, dynamite, cherry bombs, or other non-aerial explosives

Non-aerial explosives any larger than a firecracker have been banned by the Federal Government for some time. There is no way for a consumer to legally buy these kind of explosives.

What is the quality of your product?

It is excellent. We have a great relationship with our supplier who meticulously and carefully selects all the fireworks we have in the store. In this way, we only pick up items that have been verified to reliably ignite, perform excellently, and provide the best displays of any other fireworks on the market.

Where are the really big ones?

The Federal Government has put a limit on the size of shells and amount of powder in each shell. There is nowhere that you can legally buy shells that are over 3" in diameter or have more than 60 grams of powder inside. Large cakes can have a total of 500 grams of powder in the entire configuration, but the shells are still limited to 3" and 60 grams each.

What is the difference between fountains and aerials?

The main difference between ground fireworks and aerial is that ground fireworks perform their display on the ground by emitting sparks, smoke, and noise while aerial fireworks are first launched into the air before they display. Both are safe when used properly, while sober, and with common sense.

Is it legal to ignite fireworks in Pennsylvania?

Yes, however, you need the permission of the property owner before you light them off. No matter where you do it, make sure to clean up the cardboard and clay from the area.

Can a firework device ignite accidentally?

All modern devices use what is called a "safety fuse." This means that no matter how hot a room in your house or the trunk of your car gets, the fireworks will not ignite. In fact, a flame must actually be in contact with the fuse for a short period of time before it will ignite and activate the display.

How long are fireworks good for?

Fireworks, like a fine wine, actually dry out and get better with age, provided that they are kept dry. Storing fireworks in a humid environment such as a hot attic or musty basement can negatively affect the performance of your devices.